Monday, April 26, 2010

Re-Vamping Regimen

Since I'm not happy with the progress of my hair (as far as the length) I decided to switch my regi up this time around. I'm DETERMINED to make BSB by August or god help me!!! LOL

So this is my new regi:
-Wednesday and Saturday: Co-wash with VO5 Moisture Milks or Clarifying Condish

-Friday nights: pre-poo with Amla Oil and coconut oil overnight
-Saturday: rinse pre-poo and dc with any dc i have...(I'm a proud pj-er ) and then co-wash again
-Shampoo once a month with a Moisturizing poo
-Bun during the week and wear out on Sundays for church.
-Moisturize with S-Curl and seal with Dabur Vatika Olive Enriched Hair Oil, Castor Oil and Peppermint Oil

I LOVE the way fgrogan moisturizes and seals her hair. I've been practicing her method for 2 weeks now and I think this will be my staple method!