Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I love working in radio!

I work in the sales department at two urban radio stations in NYC. I noticed that one type of business that isn't advertised on our urban stations is the beauty area. I've always made it my point to tell the manager (who are Caucasian) that we need to have more beauty advertisers!!!

Recently, in a sales meeting the managers made me the "Designated Hair Guru" and told the Account Managers to start going after beauty advertisers like Dark and Lovely, Creme of Nature and etc. A co-worker of mine saw an ad in the latest issue of Essence and asked me about the brand (the ad was for Affirm's Relaxer). I told her how I use that product and I personally think it's a great brand. To my surprise today, Avlon (the makers of Kera Care and Affirm) sent 2 gift packets. The Account Manager gave one packet to one of our jocks and gave me the other one!!!!!

I'm super excited to try the products sent to me! In the radio business, we get lots of perks (free concert tickets, free food [we always get food from catering companies], and product samples!!!). Its days like this that makes me sit back and say "I love my job"...lol.

HERE'S THE GIFT PACKET (Click on image for a bigger view)
 (In this picture: Kera Care Natural Textures Line...Cleansing Cream [Sulfate Free Moisturizing Curl Wash], Leave In Conditioner, Hair Milk, Butter Cream [Everyday Moisturizer], Twist and Define Cream, Defining Custard)

Side Note: NARS bought some spot to advertise on one of our stations. The NARS client sent me an email asking me to send her the times her spot would be running. I was actually in the system at the time so I sent them almost instantly. About 2 hours later I get a call from reception telling me that I have a messenger here with a package. It was a small gift basket from NARS filled with eye shadows, a lipstick, nail polish, blush and 2 lip glosses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Wow, that is awesome both from NARS and Avalon. My stylist uses the "new" Keracare line, and I must say I really like it. If I didn't love the brands I use already it would definitely be a line I used regularly. You should do a video haul of your goodies!

    BTW...I'm from NJ so I'm trying to "think" which stations you work for! lol.

  2. I love your job too lol

  3. @EbonyCPrincess take a guess...lol

  4. Nice! I see my baby girl in the back. : )