Monday, August 8, 2011

Disappointed/Set Back :-/

Hey Guys,
Today is a sad day for me. I’ve been noticing that since putting my box braids in that my scalp had been itching like CRAZY!!! Yesterday while I was out, the front of my hair kept hurting and when I felt the part that was hurting I felt a bald spot. My initial thought was to take these braids out ASAP!!!
This is the bald spot as a result of the braids…

Now when you have box braids in your hair, the best way to take it out is to cut the braids a little below where your hair is (estimate). Well my estimation was WRONG on the back right side and I CUT MY HAIR!!!! I cut about 1 inch off! So now one side is APL and the other is SL…I so wanna cry right now. I’m going on 3 years (in December) and I keep doing stupid stuff to my hair that causes a setback. If I didn’t have the setback in January I would probably be full BSL. Now my hair is half APL and SL.

My plan is to just leave my hair alone…no colors, no new styles…just stick to what I know. Weave up for 2 months; let my hair relax for two weeks then weave again. I got a good amount of growth when I took my Bobbi Boss install out. I’m going to try the ¾ wig method on Friday or Saturday and create a wig with my Kinky Curly hair I won.

As far as the unevenness that I created…I’m going to leave it. I’m not going to trim my hair so that it’s even again. I’m just going to make some clip ins to blend in with the longer part of my hair till my hair catches up. When the shorter end reaches BSL then I will trim my hair so that it’s all even.

I will make a video later on today to show how the braids broke my edges out. I know it’s not from me braiding too tight because I usually don’t. I know for a fact that it was the hair because I’ve always box braided my hair in the past and my hair has never reacted this way. I’m just glad I took it out sooner, before the hair did further damage.