Sunday, April 25, 2010

28 Week Stretch is OOOOVVVVEEEERRR!!!!!

I finally relaxed yesterday and it feels soooooo good to feel my scalp. My salon experience was AWESOME!!! Big ups to my stylist's assistant Charee to did the damn thing when relaxing (I had to tip that child $10...ok that's not enough but the whole service: relax, dc and trim was $90). Before she started I told her that I'm still on Accutane (even though I completed the full 6 month process on Sunday..the meds are still in my system). I explained to her that my scalp is very sensitive, she then told me calmly that she would base my scalp and that she would use Designer's Touch Relaxer because it's a moisturizing relaxer. She proceeded to base my scalp thoroughly and then relaxed. While she was relaxing she keep asking if it was burning. Once she was done she left a restructurizing conditioner in my hair for 5 mins and then shampoo'd with a neutralizing shampoo 4 times. She deep conditioned my hair for a half hour and then blow dried my hair.

Then it was off to Tangela my stylist. She was surprised to see how much my hair has grown! She flat ironed and then trimmed my hair. I'm a bit upset that I'm no longer APL, but I'm happy at how healthy my hair looks.

Here's my results: