Sunday, October 2, 2011

Small Rant!

Last night I posted my hair journey via YouTube. YouTube takes FOREVER to upload a video so I decided to go to sleep and let that thang do it's job. This morning I checked to see if both my relaxer video AND my 1 min and 44 sec video had be uploaded. Well when I looked at both videos I had 1 dislike for each.

Now I knew that when I certain people saw my relaxer video that they would have their critics and not like the way I do MY hair but it's whatever....the part that pissed me off SOOOO much is the fact that someone would dislike my hair journey. Like REALLY?????? It's a hair hair isn't unhealthy towards the end. Yes I had a setback in January but I chose to trim my ends so that my hair doesn't look long and raggedy. As a matter of fact...I gained my thickness back!

Another reason why I'm super upset right now is because it took me a very long time to grow my hair. You guys know my story...I've NEVER, EVER had long hair in my LIFE!!!! NEVER!!! Ever since I joined LHCF and found out what I was doing wrong, I was able to take the necessary steps to grow my hair to it's desired length.

That wasn't easy. Took a lot of work, trial and error, money, patience and yes tears when I reached that setback. But some idiot on YouTube who is jealous or just plain evil decided to dislike a hair journey video????

Breathe Tommie.....

Sorry guys, I really needed to vent...