Who Is Tommie?

I've always been the black sheep in my family when it came to having long healthy hair. Growing up in a household full of females, I was the only one who's hair couldn't grow past shoulder length. I was even teased in school by my classmates because of my hair. Shallow right? 

Junior High was when I experienced the teasing the most. My closest friends all had long hair...there was Taren (who's biracial and currently has her own site and YouTube channel), Susana (Puerto Rican), Kimberly (who was mixed with Indian...no really she was...lol) and then me. At this point I HATED the length of my hair and started to experiment with weaves. I was horrible back then!!! HORRIBLE!!! One of my classmates started to pick on me in front of the whole class and yelled "You think you're cute with that weave in your hair?! You think you're fitting in with the rest of your crew because they all have long hair? You're not!" and the whole class started to laugh.

Not only was I verbally abused in school about my hair, but my mom (who is Venezuelan, Indian and Black) always made comments like "Why didn't you take after my side of the family?" or say "I don't understand why your hair isn't growing" while doing my hair. My older sisters all had APL hair or longer...hell even my little sister had BSL (bra strap length) hair at the age of 2! My mom would bleach her hair and even relax what she thought were naps and was still able to maintain MBL (mid-back length) hair.

I was always the black sheep when it came to my hair. Being the only one in the family stuck at SL (shoulder length) while every one else was swinging their long locks made me so mad!

In 2007 I was fed up with my hair not growing and decided to cut it all off. It was something I had to get used to but when I got so many compliments I thought...short is the way to go. In Dec 2008, I asked a co-worker of mine how she got her hair to be so shiny and she mentioned that she co-washed...I asked "What's co-wash?" and that's when she put me on to longhaircareforum.com. During my lunch break I logged onto the site and was hooked! I saw so many black women with LONG HAIR and my mouth dropped. I stayed on that site for hours trying to absorb as much information as possible. After seeing that black hair can grow I was on a mission to see how long I can grow mine.

It's been 6 years since I logged onto that forum and my hair is the longest and healthiest it's been my whole life! Now it's my turn to educate you ladies and help you out there reach those hair goals you thought was impossible to reach. I started this site to prove that a girl like me can grow her hair....down to those butt cheeks! It actually brings tears to my eyes to see how far I've come.

Forget the myths like...relaxers and weaves break your hair out, if you trim your hair it will grow faster, black hair can't grow, etc. The journey to long healthy hair is a difficult one ladies...fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a long and emotional ride!!!
June 2007

January 2014