Thursday, February 24, 2011

Product Review - DPR-11 RE-MOISTURIZER!!!

  • Contains 11 conditioning botanicals including Peach Blossom oil and Vitamin E
  • Penetrates inner hair fibers to surge nutrients to moisture depleted hair
  • Perfect hair repair treatment when combined with Elasta QP Protein Supplement
I've read so many ravs about this product and couldn't find it any of my local beauty supply stores. One day, I took a trip to my BSS for the Aphogee Protein Treatment...there it stood on the shelf. I had to take two looks because I couldn't believe my eyes!!! I snatched that sucka off the shelf and ran home to try it out. LADIES LET ME TELL YOU!!!!! This conditioner is DA BOMB!!!! It left my hair so soft and it smells so good. My hair actually felt silky after I washed and flat ironed my hair.

I would definitely recommend this product. If you need some hydration to your dry locks...give this sucka a try. Don't forget to let me know how it worked for you!

xoxo Trendsetta