Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Help Me Tommie: Hair Question from my viewer...

I've been inspired by your blog and before that I've been talking to my friends on going back to natural. I used to have beautiful long hair but it was "out of control" and so when I was little, my aunt started to perm my hair and I lost it all. Now its thin, its length is to my shoulder but its not the same as it used to be. I want to start my transition on being natural but I DO NOT want to chop my hair off, and I really do not want to get twists or braids. What should I do?

I think the best way to transition to natural is by using protective styles like weaves, braids and or twists. You can choose either style to transition. The important thing you NEED to keep in mind is that you HAVE to take care of your while in these protective style.

1. Don't leave the style in longer than 3 months
2. Keep your hair moisturized.
3. Deep condition bi-weekly
4. Keep your scalp oiled. NEVER leave it dry
5. Give yourself at least a week break in between protective styles
6. Make sure you give yourself a good protein treatment and trim before entering your protective style.
7. Castor Oil should be your friend! This will help you get your thickness back. Use Castor oil as a sealer and/or as an oil for your scalp. A drop goes a long way.

Hope this helps!

If you guys have hair questions...please feel free to email me at trendsetta25@aol.com and put in the subject "Hair De La Creme Question"