Friday, March 19, 2010

Anxiety attack!

OK, so I'm 23 weeks post relaxer and I'm getting anxious. I planned on taking my latest bobraz install out in April but couldn't wait. If my calculations are right, my hair grows approximately 1/2 an in a month, which means that APL is literally around the corner. I had a terrible flood in my apartment this morning so i had to take off from work today to handle that situation. As I'm sitting here waiting for the carpet to dry i decided to take my install out. The anticipation was killing me.
I'm currently under my conditioning cap and surfing the net as i wait for it to turn 5:44p. I'm hoping and praying that my hair grew at least an inch since my last hair update in January. I can't accurately measure my growth since i have sooo much new growth (pics to come).

So ladies...what do you have plan for the first day of spring tomorrow? It's supposed to be 72 degrees here in the NYC (woo hoo)!