Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Healthy Hair Journey: Karen B.

  • When did you start your journey? December 2007

  • What made you start a healthy hair journey? My hair has always been short, dry and brittle. I learned that I had a thyroid condition – hypothyroidism. I was determined to grow long, healthy and shiny looking hair.
  •  Have you ever been natural? Yes, I am natural now. My last relaxer was May 2008.
  • What is the longest your hair has been before you started your hair journey? My current length – grazing APL.
  • What challenges did you face? Finding products that work with my dry hair and thinning edges
  • Did you ever experience a setback? Yes. In May 2009, I visited a new stylist for a flat iron press. He cut my hair without prior approval. He cut nearly 3 inches and set me back to my December length. Throughout 2010, I suffered from post partum shedding.
  • How do you maintain length? I was able to maintain my length by using protective styles (i.e. weaves and wigs), limiting heat, keeping hair moisturized, triming up to three times per year.
  • What is your current regimen? Regimen: Weaves - installs every 8-10 weeks wash or co-wash 1x per week Intense deep condition treatment 6wks after install Apply Megatek 3x per week Apply Claudie’s Hair Elixir 3x per week (curly install only) Apply moisturizer daily Minimal trims –dusting, full trims up to 3x per year Take multivitamins, hair vitamins, and fish oil
  • Do you have a staple product that has helped with your journey? My favorite products include Joico products, Megatek, Hydratherma Naturals Hair Growth Lotion, and Claudie’s Hair Elixir.
  • What is your nightly routine? I apply Megatek and moisturize nightly.
  • What is your ultimate goal length? MBL
  • What piece of advice would you give to someone who is just starting out their hair journey? Research Research Research! Take time to research information regarding hair care, products and styles. Understand that some products work for others and may not work for you. Try not to hop on bandwagons, especially those that claim super super growth in one month. Trim or dust your ends when necessary. Make sure you trust the person trimming your hair. Stick to your regimen! If not, your hair journey will be longer planned. Moisture! By all means! Longhaircareforum.com and BlackhairMedia.com Forum are great resources for black hair care.