Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year....New Color

As the new year approached I thought that I would do something new to my hair. I had 2 boxes of Clairol's Natural Instinct Semi-Permanent Color sitting in my product stash (it was on sale so i took advantage of that). Now don't think that I'm weird but I bought a blonde semi-permanent color hoping that it would lighten my dark brown hair. Guess What??? It actually lightened my hair! I was so shocked. I love the new color of my hair and the bonus part is that this color is healthy. According to Clairol..."It’s the first clinically proven hair color to be less damaging. In fact, 80% of women said Natural Instincts made their hair feel healthier. You’ll get an ammonia-free formula with antioxidants that works in just 10 minutes. And simply healthy looking color with shiny results every time you use it."

What is a semi-permanent hair color?
Semi-permanent hair dye has smaller molecules than temporary dyes, and is therefore able to partially penetrate the hair shaft. For this reason, the color will survive repeated washing, typically 4–5 shampoos or a few weeks. Semi-permanents contain no, or very low levels of developer, peroxide or ammonia, and are therefore safer for damaged or fragile hair. However, semi-permanents may still contain the toxic compound P-Phenylenediamine or other such ingredients. The final color of each strand of hair will depend on its original color and porosity, so there will be subtle variations in shade across the whole head. This gives a more natural result than the solid, allover color of a permanent dye.
This is the colors i used...
Here's my results...hope you can see it :-/

I so love this color on me. The box says that it lasts through 28 since I wash my hair every week..this color will stick for some weeks...woot woot!!! Even though Clairol claims this color is healthy for my hair, I will continue to baby my hair as if I put a permanent color in it.
I plan on doing a protein treatment today with my Aphogee 2 min reconstructor and ORS Hair Mayo.

What new hair plans do you have this year???