Saturday, January 1, 2011


Hey Guys,

Welcome to Hair De La Crème. I'm so excited to be launching this new site. As I said on my blog, I will continue to update you on my hair, post product reviews
as well as creating how to videos, interviewing you guys and posting polls on what men think about our hair. If you have any suggestions on what other
elements I can add, holla at ya girl!

If you scroll below, you'll notice that I kept my posts from Hair We Go. was nice enough to help me transfer my blog to this new site so that
you guys won't have to go back and forth to see my old posts. Thanks for taking this journey with me. You guys are family now! Let me know how
your healthy hair journey is going. Ask questions. Let's all have long, sexy, healthy hair in 2011!!!

Have a safe New Years!!!!

Trendsetta xoxo