Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hair Journey Story: Lulu B.

Hey Guys,
I also enjoy your feedback and questions. Recently I got a wonderful email from one of my readers that has followed my blog and site since I first launched in 2010. Her progress was so amazing that I asked her if she would like to share her story with you all.

When did you start your journey?
I began my journey officially in January 2010.

What made you start a healthy hair journey?
A friend of mine (you lol) told me about her hair journey. I laughed at her at first because it seemed so complex and overwhelming. But since I’ve always had an interest in hair care and a knack for doing hair, I soon became a believer. Some of the rules she shared regarding hair care impressed me and I later decided to make a more simplified version of her regimen – one that would best fit my hectic schedule. After the first three months I began to see real improvement and decided to continue with my journey.

Are you relaxed or natural?
Nat-uraaal baby! Always have been

What is your regimen?
Well I’ve changed my regi a bunch of times within the year but I think this is pretty much it for now. (As my protective styling I wear a lace front wig)

· Mega Tek – Apply to scalp 3xs a wk
· Bee Mine Moisturizing Spritz- Daily
· Shikakai Oil - Seal ends daily
· Ayurvedic Powders + Amla Oil w/no mineral oil - Wash weekly
· AO White Camelia, AO Honeysuckle, Avalon Biotin Thickening, Jason
· Natural Apricot, Neutrogena Triple Moisture, Wheat Germ Oil, Honey & EVOO - Deep condition 2hrs weekly (Mixed)
· VO5 Strawberry & Cream- Co-wash weekly & Steam hair bi-wkly
· Aphogee 2 Min Protein-Light protein tri-wkly
· VO5 Clarifying Conditioner – Tri wkly
· Flat iron hair once every 3 months.

What challenges did you face?
Well my first challenge was to not give up the fight to regain a head of healthy hair. When I was a teen my hair was very very long and thick. I know a lot of people say that lol but it actually was! I was ungrateful so I did a lot of damaging styles such as weaves, bleaching and coloring etc. I did my big chop around 2008. I still did not know how to not be rough with my hair and to really care for it afterward so whatever length I grew, I did not retain due to lack of knowledge. So I started off my journey with some damaged hair, very thin front/sides, one side of my hair was at least two inches shorter than the other and was much thinner. I had to constantly cut it to finally get it to be thicker and all one length. It still is not one length completely but I am slowly getting there. Then, I ran into another huge and depressing challenge – never ending shedding! The shedding was so severe I am honestly shocked I am not bald. I finally got blood work done recently and found out I had extremely low iron and since then I have been taking supplements regularly so my shedding has decreased DRAMATICALLY. I am soo happy I made it through all of these hurdles and did not give up.

What product would you recommend?
Well my staples are the Indian ayurvedic powders. They are wonderful and well worth the work! Also any and all organic, 100% natural hair products that do not have harmful ingredients for your hair (such as mineral oil). My hair has ceased breaking ever since I made these two changes.

What is your hair goal?
I’d love to reach past BSL – Bra Strap Length (including my front and sides)

What advice would you give to a newbie starting their healthy hair journey?
Have patience, set aside the required time and most importantly do not give up! Putting the extra TLC into your hair really pays off J. Happy Hair Growth Ladies!

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