Saturday, January 15, 2011

7 Day Vaseline Challenge

Hey guys,
So last week I started a personal 7-Day Vaseline Challenge. Today was wash day and my hair felt so GREAT!!!! Here's the rules to the challenge that was posted on Long Hair Care Forum...

The Vaseline challenge is very easy. But you can only take the challenge if you are a protective style (bun) wearer. Meaning, if you roll your hair, or use hot curlers, then this challenge is NOT for you.

To take the Vaseline challenge, this is what you have to do;

Start off with a freshly washed/conditioned hair. Once you have done all that you usually do BEFORE you get to the styling, pull out the great tub of Vaseline and get yourself a nice amount. Now I am not talking about that "dime and nickle size" that your shampoo bottle talks about using, I am talking about the amount of Vaseline that WANDA (In Living Color) used to use to lubricate lips...I am talking a good amount, okay?!

Oil the last few inches of your hair. I mean oil it to wear it is "stuck" (if you will) together and you can poke someone in the eye with your hair! No is does not take a lot of Vaseline to do this, but you will need enough to get the "poking-in-the-eye" effect.

After the oil, style your hair in its protective style...mine is usually a bun.

At night, there is no need to add more Vaseline to the ends, just pin up and wrap with scarf. BUT IN THE MORNING...if you are a daily rinser, then rinse and condition your hair as normal. You will notice at this point that your ends are very soft. ADD MORE VASELINE to your soft and wet ends and style. If you are not a daily riniser, simply SPRITZ your ENDS with water add more Vaseline and style. REPEAT FOR SEVEN DAYS

I promise you all that you will not be sorry. Try it!I guarantee, you will be "won over"!

She was right...this will be the staple for me this winter. I'm trying everything possible to retain what i grow. I think it's harder for me to retain now that my hair is not under the protection of a weave. I will continue to do this challenge until the spring. If you try this challenge...let me know how it's working out for your hair.

Happy Hair Growing Ladies!!!