Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Perfect Combination

Lately I've been in love with Queen Helene's Super Cholesterol Conditioner. This conditioners helps people with hair that suffers from too many chemical treatments, over-processing, blow-drying or exposure to the elements and restores extremely-damaged hair. It contains a proprietary Choleplex formula that blends Cholesterol with elements like Aloe and Keratin Amino Acid Protein to deep condition and rejuvenate over-stressed hair, while protecting it from future split ends and breakage.

Every wash I will put this stuff on dry hair and then seal it with either Honey or Evoo. Honey is a natural humectantthat retains moisture. It also helps hair increase its elasticity. Don't worry ladies, honey rinses completely clean so you don't have to worry about having that sticky feeling on your hair. I love the way my hair feels with this combination.....nice and soft! It's pretty cheap too. I pick me up a 2 lb container of the Queen Helene in Wal-Mart for under $8. I go through a container in about 5 washes so i'm going to pick up a bigger one tomorrow. This conditioner is definitely a keeper!