Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Hair Journey Goals

After 6 months i finally relaxed my hair using Soft Sheen Carson's Optimum Salon Care Relaxer (my FAV). If you guys don't know....i'm texlaxed ("Texlaxed" hair is a term that was coined in the Internet hair world to describe a hair texture that falls between texturized curls and chemically relaxed, straight hair. "Texlaxing" is the intentional underprocessing of hair with a relaxer chemical, and is typically done to create volume, body, and texture in relaxed hair.)

My new growth was out of control and i couldn't wait to apply the creamy crack!!!
I'm happy with my final results but i do need a serious trim. I plan on going to Supercuts on Saturday to get it done.

2014 Goal: My hair goal for 2014 is to focus on my retention, moisturize often and drink lots of water.
New Technique: Since November i've been trying the Inversion Method and found great results from it. This year i will continue to do this method monthly.
What's Staying in 2013: Relaxing my hair every 6 months. This year i plan on relaxing every 16 weeks as an experiment.

I do want to add that i experienced a tragic setback in June (one month before my wedding) when relaxing. I relaxed my hair knowing that i had a scab as a result of a tight closure. I later found a bald spot the size of a half dollar right in the front center of my head!!!

Thanks to castor oil, massages and recently the inversion bald spot is completly gone and my hair has grown close to 3 inches. So ladies please take note, if your scalp is irritated...wait a few days for it to heal before relaxing.

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