Monday, January 6, 2014

3 Inches Gone...New Start

This weekend I took a trip to Supercuts to get my MUCH needed trim. I was really scared to leave my hair into someone’s hands....especially when it comes to trims. Supercuts was about 20 minutes away from my home which I find to be really convenient. Once I arrived I was pleased by the service the salon gave me. Mylinda did my cut and asked a few questions before she started to cut my hair (which made me very comfortable). I told her that it's been a while since getting a trim and how past stylist confused the word trim with cut. She promised me that I was in good hands and even showed me how much she was taking off before she did her first cut.

Even though I lost 3 inches, my hair feels super healthy and I’m happy that I have a fresh start for 2014. One thing I really need to do is to thicken up my sides and continue to grow my nape back.

Here's the before and after shots I took.