Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Question From A Reader


I messaged you on tumblr about your hair growth. My problem is it gets to my shoulder and then breaks mostly in the back...its quite annoying and makes me want to shave my head as crazy as it sounds. What are some products you recommend for conditioning? And keeping it from being so dry. My hair is thin so therefore every time i put oil on it rather it be a tiny bit or normal amount it becomes stringy and annoying. I usually don't use heat unless i HAVE too after a relaxer but its rare. Also with moisturizers what do you use? Ive tried, roots of nature and African pride, both seem to be OK minus the frizz. Anyways any recommendations and help would be much appreciated!



Hey Sandra!

I can totally help you out because I had the SAME problem (Yayeee you)! The reason why you're having that problem with breakage is because that's a critical length in a hair journey. At that length your hair can break from your necklace, collars of your shirts, scarf and when it gets a little longer...your handbag strap and seatbelt. 

Solution? Because there's so much wear and tear that can be done to your tresses, try to keep your hair up. Protective styles help me when I got to that length. Styles such as buns, braids (boxed or cornrows), wigs and weaves. 

Taking care of your luscious hair: Try to (because it will be hard to keep and stick to a regimen at first) 
1. Deep condition weekly. My favorite protein conditioner is organic root stimulator's hair mayonnaise and my fav moisturizing conditioner is Dove Daily Moisturizing Conditioner.  
2. Shampoo your hair with a moisturizing shampoo (you'll know because the bottle will say "moisturizing"). My favorite shampoos are Herbal Essence Hello Hydration and Loreal Evercreme's sulfate free moisturizing shampoo.
3. Keep it moisturized. My FAV moisturizer is Organic Root Stimulator's Olive Oil moisturizer. A light moisturizer you can try is....believe it or not S-Curl. 

Here's a tip: After moisturizing take a drop of a light oil like coconut or jojoba and seal your hair with it. It works wonders!!!! Helps keep your hair healthy. 

4. Try stretching your relaxers. Instead of doing it every 6-8 weeks. Try 12-14. It's much healthier for your hair.