Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dark and Lovely Fashionista - Day 4

My last day of my contest i had the privilege to walk in Harlem Fashion Row.

12:00p - FITTING: I had my fitting with Latisha Daring's line Ashytn. The clothes fit like a glove...then it was waiting time

1:30p - PRACTICE TIME! The producers of the show asked all of the designers and models to follow them into the main auditorium. Latisha wanted us to wear the same heels we are walking in to practice our walk. As we all headed down the stairs my heel got caught on the step and i sprained my foot and banged my knee really bad on the banister. I was so embarrassed guys! Here i am...the "contest winner" amongst all of these models and I'm the one to fall in heels. I wanted to cry so bad because i was in so much pain but i needed to keep my composure because i knew a lot of people were looking forward to seeing me walk. After practicing our walk thru, i walked to Subway to get some ice to ice my foot before it started to swell.

4:00p - MAKEUP AND HAIR: This is when everything went full speed. All of the models were escorted backstage for make-up and hair. Latisha's make-up idea was flowers. She had some models with flowers on the lid and some with flowers on the lip...i was the model with the flower on the lip. She had a few hairstyles for the models as hairstyle was a 4 braids that ended with a loose bun. I loved the outcome.

Photo Credit: Alexis Felder

8:00p - SHOWTIME!!! Latisha's line opened the show. My heart was racing while my foot was throbbing. I was in intense pain but had to focus on killing the runway. As the time got closer to us walking it was chaotic backstage. I was still in the make-up chair when it was 2 mins till showtime. I had to run backstage (with the sprained foot) and strip down in my undies and dressed backstage. (Sidenote: I don't know how these models do it!) Before i knew it...Latisha was on the mic introducing her line and then BAM! it's time to walk. I sucked up the pain and put my Naomi Campbell face and strut my stuff. The adrenaline made me forget about the foot pain and i worked it!


Photo Credit: Dark and Lovely Facebook

10:00p - PRESS TIME: When the show was over it was time for press. Cameras flashing and interviews for Dark and Lovely. Still in pain i put my pagent face on and made the best of this once in a lifetime moment. Later on that night i found out that Vanessa Williams, Natalie Cole, Tasha Smith and even Nicole Murphy Brown was in attendance! Aaahh!!!! LOL

This week was an amazing experience guys! I had so much fun and meet a lot of cool people. If i was asked to do it again...i would be more careful on those I definitely would recommend that you all enter the 2013 contest. Stay tuned for the January issue of Essence for my full page ad!

Later Guys!!!