Thursday, August 2, 2012

Spreading my 3/4 knowledge

So Ladies,

Yesterday the cast of LAHH Atlanta stopped by to talk about the show...well just Mimi, Josaline and Stebbie.

I noticed that Josaline was sitting in the waiting area by herself so i decided to get my promo on and give her my business card and spoke about my hair blog and YT channel (since i forgot to do so with Mimi). I asked her if she knew about 3/4 wigs and she said no. So i explained what it was and how it's a healthier alternative to sew ins. I also showed her my 2 favorite 3/4 wigs that i CAN'T live without!!!! She loved them, asked a lot of questions and placed my business card in her wallet.

These are the two wigs i love!

I didn't get a chance to actually get her info because the morning show producer came out to get her but i felt good that i spread a little bit of hair knowledge to her.

Here's my pic with Mimi (she's really TALL and a sweet heart)

Just thought i would share my little story with you guys


  1. The 3/4 wigs are cute! A good way to change it up without damaging your own hair!

  2. I LOVE your 3/4 wigs.. You shoudl open up shop! I would buy one quickly