Friday, January 13, 2012

New Hair Coming Soon!!!

So i took Courtney's advice and went ahead and purchased from Genesis Virgin Hair's Vendor on AliExpress. I saved sooo much money on 4 bundles of hair ladies!!!!!

I purchased 1 Bundle of 16 inches, 1 Bundle of 18 inches and 2 Bundles of 22 inches and with shipping the total price was $250!!!! Since the hair comes from China; Juan the vendor is on vacation for the Chinese New Year from today till 2/3 (i missed the 1/12 deadline). A lot of ladies on Black Hair Media rave about this vendor and Courtney was nice enough to send me the link.

I plan on making it into (if you couldn't guess) a 3/4 wig and doing a red Ombre like i did on the Belle by Bre hair. My plan is to rock out with this kinky hair till my new baby arrives in the mail.

Side note: Who else sneaks to buy hair and not tell their significant other about it? (Raising Hands) He will kill me when/if he finds

hmmm...i think i will make a poll on this...

Link to vendor:

Sample of what the hair looks like: (Got this image from a member on Black Hair Media)