Monday, August 29, 2011

Relaxer Date...Scheduled In My Calendar

It's funny that I plan my relaxers. I literally look in my calendar and plan when I will be relaxing my hair. Actually, I plan all of my hairstyles. I just sit and think. I usually get my inspirations from artists, blogs and especially YouTube! I search up and down the net for my next hairstyle and then plot it in my calendar.

I love to relax my hair in October and then May or June. I like to relax in October for 3 reasons
  1. It's my birth month (ok that's not the real
  2. The weather is just perfect...not rainy, not too hot, not too cold....just perfect. I LOVE THE FALL!
  3. November to me is the beginning of the Hide Ya Hair Season. I want to get one good month of my hair swanging in the wind before I hide it for the winter! 

The reason why I relax in May/June is again because of the weather. This is when the temperature starts to get really nice and the hair comes out of hibernation. I usually let my hair breathe for those months and then hide it again until October...then the cycle starts all over again. My next relaxer will be......drum roll please.....OCTOBER 1ST (insert applause here). Hopefully i'm full APL or prayerfully BSB again....stay tuned!

SIDE NOTE: Who's ready for BBW LA Season Premiere Tonight?????