Friday, July 29, 2011

What's Next?

Hello my lovelies!

I took my Bobbi Boss install out on Sunday and made a YouTube video showing you guys how I take my installs out and my routine once the hair is out. I didnt get a chance to edit and upload it because the whole process took so long. In the video I showed how I take out my weave, detangling a lot to make sure there was no shed hair left (if you don't detangle good enough your hair will matte when you wash it, which will cause a setback!), after detangling I then applied the Two Aphogee Protein treatment and then rinsed my entire hair black. I was done around 9p and super tired so I moisturized and sealed then threw/or at least tried to throw my hair into a ponytail, tied it down with a silk scarf and went to bed.

I was surprised when taking my install down that I got a great growth spurt!!!!! I'm so syked!!!!! My new growth is about an inch and a half since relaxing in May. My hair is now a FULL APL again (woot woot).

Tomorrow I plan on installing box braids similiar to this....

I'm going to record the process as well. I'm dreading the hours it will take me to complete this style. The last time I box braided my hair it took 10 HRS!!!!! I'm going out tonight so I wont have time to edit the "Install Take Out" video and i'm box braiding early Saturday morning. I plan to post both videos on Sunday.

Enjoy the weekend ladies!!!