Monday, June 27, 2011

2011 BET Awards Tresses: Hits and Straight Mess

If you were under a rock, then you missed the 2011 BET Awards. I personally enjoyed the show and was dancing my butt off in the living room as Beyonce performed "End of Time" (my FAVORITE song off her new 4 album).
Now that the red carpet pictures are up...I'm going to take the time out to showcase the Hits and Straight Mess..

Love this wig on Toni

This cut is sooo sleek and precise

 Love the waves on Jennifer. I've always loved her locks on BBW

Her curls look so sleek and bouncy and most importantly...healthy!

Not really feeling this wig 100%. Looks a little tilted but still looks fab on Ms. Kelendria

The blonde is washing her skin out but the cut is FAB!

Lala is showing how do do a protective style and still look FAB at the same time!

Michelle's long black locks look amazing on her! Makes me wanna keep my hair black.

Necole's curls looks so defined and shiny. Love LOVE LOVE!!!

The color and curls suits her perfectly...along with that Summer glow.

Love this wig blunt cut wig on Nicki....really...I'm a HUGE fan of this . Her acceptance speech had me ROTFLMAO!

Tika's is rocking a sleek and shine style. You could never go wrong with this style.
 Looks like humidity caught the best of Toccara's hair....she still looks gorgeous..not sure if she's natural...


This wig is just a mess...I think it's the color : /

Sigh...Alicia Keys...I know what her stylist was thinking but....maybe....I have no words for this style. It's too much going on here and the fish braids looks ATROCIOUS!

Looks like Diamond forgot to take the pin curls out...and what's with the edges??? Too much going on here....

Elise boo....where's ya edges???? A middle part would have been a more suitable style for you ma. 

Eve took a stab at the side braid...but um...I'm not sure what's going on with the top of your hair...

Which hairstyle did you like the most?

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  1. i know im late- but im a new follower to this blog :) i can't believe elise went out like that! what was she thinking?!