Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hey Guys,
it's been a while since I spoke about my current regimen (which has changed a little). What has changed since February is my vitamins. The new vitamin that I have been taking for 2 months consistently now is the Nixion Intensive Therapy Recharging Complex Vitamins. I heard raves about a certain vitamin on LHCF and on Amazon about these vitamins and decided "Why Not". Since I'm two months in I cant give a good review since it takes about three months for it enter my system.These vitamins are so much cheaper than the Hairfinity I was taking. I will give you all a three month update on June 6th.


Here's some of the reviews that I found on Amazon...

"I tried these tablets and I'm very happy with the results. My hair is growing faster now than ever. I'm 59 yrs. old and I have always had a hard time with hair growth.Same with eye brows,finger nails and toe nails.
With just 30 tabs,1 a day I'm seeing great results with all these things.I'm so happy with this product"

"I have found that this product really works. However, the downside is that if you only want hair on your head, this is not the product for you as it promotes hair growth everywhere! Head, Legs, arms, upper lip, chin.... the list goes on! But if you can tolerate this, then this is the best I've seen and I've tried a lot of products"

"The sides of my hair were thining so me and two of my girlfriends diecided to buy a 90 day bottle and split it in three. After 2 weeks I noticed less shedding and the sides of my hair looks visibly thicker. I now have my own bottle."

"My hair was getting thin in the top just like a man. I'm African American and I had a permanent put in by my stylist about every six months. I stopped the perm, but my hair kept falling out. My stylist gave me a bottle of the Nioxin and the shedding stopped. My hair is stronger and growing now. I love this product."

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