Friday, May 6, 2011

Product I'm Keeping An Eye On....Optimum Advanced Keratin Whipped Creme Relaxer System

SoftSheen- Carson Professional is about to launch a new professional line that is made solely for Salon Professionals called Optimum Advanced Keratin Whipped Creme Relaxer System. This relaxer is “blended with the breakthrough "Smart Lye + Oil Infusion" technology, which uses twenty-five percent less sodium hydroxide -- resulting in reduced damage, serious straightness, and the softest, glossiest, strands, ever.”
Johnny Wright; SoftSheen-Carson Artistic Style Director raves “the Keratin in the relaxer it helps with hair health and strength because that is what hair is made of, keratin. The keratin keeps the hair strong and healthy; it’s a protein that also adds a lot of sheen. The shine and the moisture in the hair is significant due to the patent-pending “Smart Lye” that uses 25 percent less sodium hydroxide for significantly reduced damage and healthier hair and this relaxer is odor free!”
Too bad I’m relaxing my hair this weekend. If this product is on shelves by the time I’m ready to relax again I will give it a try and give you feedback….stay tuned!

Check it out here