Thursday, May 26, 2011

Length Check...disappointed

Today I went to see my stylist Tangela at Studio 709 in Brooklyn. I went in for a trim and came out with healthy ends again but it's the same length my hair was back in April 2010. I'm so disappointed with my length. I'm a slow grower and have been working really hard for my hair to be at least BSL at this point.

I don't know why my hair started to shed and break (which caused a huge setback). Now I feel like i'm back  to square one. The semi-permanent that I put in my hair on Sunday was washed out a lot at the salon today as well. The assistant washed my hair like 5 times and now my hair is just a boring brown.

Ugh...I so want to cry right now. I'm glad I can vent here. On the brighter note, i've been taking garlic pills for the past 4 days and my shedding has cut down A LOT! Right now, i'm just going to stick to what worked which is weave my hair for 2 months, bun for a month and then back to a weave. So in a few weeks I plan on rinsing my hair black and weaving it for the summer. I plan to relax my hair in October. I pray that the Nixion vitamins would have kicked in and my hair will be at least BSB again by October.

Now on to the pictures...
This was my hair before the trim

This is my hair after the trim. The first picture was taken inside the salon bathroom and the second was taken when I got home.

This is the color...I think it looks so bright because I'm right under my lamp.