Thursday, September 16, 2010

Weave for September

So it's been officially 1 week since I installed my weave for the month (i plan on taking it out Oct 9th for a event on the 10th). I was tired of doing my own hair so I installed this weave to give me variety without me damaging my real hair. The hair I decided to purchase is from the Dream Weaver's Model Model line and the style is Body Wave in 16 inches, 14 inches and 12 inches. I used about 2 1/2 packs of hair. The hair in total came up to $100 with a 10% back to school discount at my local beauty supply store. I was skeptical after buying the hair because the price was so cheap. After doing my research on I found out that there were good reviews for the hair:

Ms. REDICT - Hello Ladies" This hair is so pretty. i been wearing it since May, same weave. I mixed this hair with the Model Model SOHO Curl. I just love it!!! DO NOT USE ANY HAIR PRODUCTS ON THIS HAIR, other than a little spray shine. I use Bonfi Wig Spray Shine in the purple bottle and that is about all I have put on this hair.. I shampoo it 1-2 times a week with with Pantene or Infusim23 shampoos. I like big curls so I use a curling rod on this hair once a week. It has lot of body and movement, and hold a beautiful curl.. Ms Johnson the 12" will come right a your shoulders or slightly pass, but not much. If you want a longer look, I recommend you purchase one 16" an 12". Put the 16" on bottom tracks and 12" on top. This will give you a natural layered curly look.. You have to remember hair is measure for length in its straight form before process with chemical to give it its wavy look. So a 12" curly / wavy hair is going to look like 10" when wavy / curly. This applies to all weaving hair brands."

Ms. CRAWFORD - "I got a sew-in with this hair yesterday. It is so soft and does not tangle. It looks absolutely beautiful. I got so many compliments and its only been two days. I bought two packs of 1B, I had a little hair left over. I am going to Miami for vacation for a week so I will give an update when I come back to let you guys know how it holds up."

Ms. GOMEZ - "I purchased this hair on July 10th for my family vac to Disney World, I was able to go to the water parks, swim, get in hot tub without any TANGLES it was wonderful once wet the waves loosen up but I have flat iron my hair it it still looks GREAT I have very course hair and this texture matched PERFECTLY. I have worn Saga, Bohyme, and even this hair from CA called extensions plus which is $200 per 2oz. This hair is truly worth trying once because you'll never wear anything else for sure! I ordered 2 pks of 14in"

I freaking LOVE this hair!!! When I walked into work on Friday I got so many compliments from my co-workers. Even my manager (who is a white male) stopped mid sentence to tell me "I LOVE YOUR HAIR!" Ladies this hair is a keeper and my money was well spent.

Without further's my pics:
Blowdried Hair

Braid Pattern I Used