Saturday, September 18, 2010

Next Install Idea/Sneak Preview

Hey Guys,
Since having this install in my hair, I can't stop thinking about what i'm going to do next. I've been searching the net far and wide to get ideas, but I always go back to this youtube video that I saw over the summer. I subscribe to JanetCollectionTV's youtube channel to get many hair ideas and saw this one video they made on their newest Indian hair line. One model in particular had this bomb weave and I kept thinking...I WANT THAT STYLE!!! So that will be my plan for my next install which will be done Oct 22nd or the 23rd. I won't be using the hair in the video, but I plan on using my trusty Bohyme Brazilian Wave that I love so dearly. I'm using my Bobraz (in short) because I love the fact that it does not shed like a dog and can be blown straight. Since I plan on keeping that install in till the end of the year I will stick to what I know and love.

Here's the video. Oh and BTW...the hairstyle i'm talking about is the girl wearing the Indian Remy Line