Friday, August 3, 2012

Healthy Hair Journey: Lesley

1. When did you start your journey? I started my journey in August 2010.

2. What made you start a healthy hair journey? I was really tired of brushing short pieces of hair off of my shoulders! I'd cut my hair recently to neck length too and things just got worse. I wanted arm pit length hair and I knew I couldn’t attain that without making some major changes.

3. Have you ever been natural? Before the age of 5 and briefly before my first relaxer when I was 16.

4. How many years have you been relaxed? About 5 years, before that I had wavy permed hair which I had to grow out before relaxing.

5. What is the longest your hair has been before you started your hair journey? Probably arm pit length when I had wavy permed ends and the rest was natural.

6. What challenges did you face? Constant breakage and split ends, though its not nearly as bad as it was now. I constantly find balancing protein and moisture difficult.

August 2010 - Neck Length

7. Did you ever experience a setback? Not one that’s impacted significantly on my hair but I do constantly have to snip at my ends due to some splits.

8. What was the WORST mistake you’ve made along the way? Not learning how to use heat correctly at the beginning of my journey. I got a burnt smell every time I used heat and it took me far too long to realise why and how to get my hair straight with minimal damage. Also relaxing in way that's left me with several different textures. I've grown to love texlaxed hair but I really hate that my hair is not the same all over.

9. What is your current regimen? I wash my hair 1-2 times weekly with a gentle shampoo and use a moisturising DC every time I wash my hair. I very rarely do protein treatments unless I'm about to or just relaxed. I M&S either every or every other day. Daily my hair is almost always kept in a bun but sometimes I do braid outs.

10. What products are currently your staples? I’m experimenting with products at the moment (I’m a bit of a product junkie!) but I always go back to my Body Shop conditioner (I have several bottles of the stuff) and I love ORS Creamy Aloe shampoo.

11. What is your nightly routine? I put my hair in a low loose bun and tie it up with a satin scarf. I also sleep on a satin pillowcase as my scarf sometimes slips off.

12. What is your ultimate goal length? It’s always changing. I initially wanted to be arm pit length but as my hair has got longer I've wanted it even longer. That makes no sense lol. I’d probably stop at waist length.

13.  What are some tips/products to maintaining healthy relaxed hair? Low manipulation, relax less often and protect those ends. Also wash your hair when it's needed. I believed for too long that washing my hair too often would make my hair fall out or rinse the relaxer out. I don’t think it matters so much what products you use as long as you use them properly. By that I just mean if I product isn't working for you or your hair has a negative reaction to it then ditch it.

14. How did you figure out proper protein/moisture balance? I always struggle with it but I’ve learnt to always focus on moisture if you are unsure what your hair needs. It’s far easier to overcome a moisture overload than a protein overload.

15. What's your favorite protective style method? Why? Buns! They’re so easy! I never spend more than 10 minutes fixing my hair when its in a bun.

For Fun:

1. Have you ever got weave checked? I have never had people put their hands in my hair or anything like that but I do get asked whether my hair is real, even by people that know me and know I've never worn weaves. I think it’s because my hair is so thick, so even in a bun people think I’m wearing extensions or something.

2. What is your hair pet peeve? When people moan about their damaged hair but never do anything to change it.

3. What is the hair product, tool, or accessory that you absolutely can not live with out? Bobby pins! I have them stashed everywhere!

4. How can we find you on the web?

July 2011 - Shoulder Length
December 2011 - Arm Pit Length
July 2012