Monday, August 6, 2012

Tea Rinsing!!!!

I was looking back at some old posts and found this gem that i posted back in 2010. 

I've heard so many good things about Tea Rinsing and many of you new comers to my blog may wonder what it is and what are it's benefits?

"Hair rinse is a part of process of washing hair. Environmental factors such as pollution, sunrays, dry air, strong shampoos, dyes etc damage the hair to the great extent. A good hair rinse brings the shine and life back to the hair. Different kinds of hair rinses are used to condition the hair. There is network of blood vessels in the scalp and it provides hair with essential proteins and nutrients. The hair rinse acts directly on the scalp rather than acting on hair shaft.

There are two types of hair rinses natural and chemical based.

Chemical rinses: Conditioners

Chemical rinses include conditioners. Conditioner is the moisturizer for hairs. To give shine and flexibility to hair, conditioner rinse is essential. It gives hair strength and bounce. There are many products, which are included in conditioner category. Hair moisturizers, reconstructors, acidifiers, detanglers, thermal protectors and glossers, all are the different kinds of conditioners, catering to different needs of hairs. All of these are chemical based.

Natural Rinses: Benefits

Natural rinses are made from natural herbs and home ingredients. Natural rinses are better then chemical rinses. Natural rinses stimulate the circulation of blood in the scalp while chemical rinses just cover the hair with protective layer. Hair gets more strength if they are treated with natural rinses. Natural rinses promote healthy growth of hairs and give nourishment to hair follicles. Natural rinses help to repair damaged hair and give them a fresh look.

Procedure To Use Natural Rinse
A natural rinse is prepared from natural herbs. Take one teaspoon of herb and boil it with one cup of water. Simmer it for ten minutes and then strain it. After it gets cool, apply it into scalp and leave it on hair. Do not rinse it with water; just let it dry. Do not go for blow-drying; use a dry soft towel.

Home Ingredients As Natural Rinse

You can use some ingredients, found at home for hair rinses. You can go for tea rinse, which works wonders for hair. For a tea rinse, boil tealeaves in required quantity of water and strain. Lemon rinse can be prepared by adding lemon juice to a mug of water. You can use this rinses as a last rinse while washing hair. It is good rinse for oily hair. " source: (

My Hair Idol Traycee made a post on her blog about tea rinsing that I will also love to share with you.

"Black tea contains caffeine that has many benefits for our hair. It has been proven to increase bulk of hair (thicken the hair) slow or stop hair fall and stimulate growth. The main benefit of caffeine is that it blocks the DHT from causing the hair to shed.

Black Tea can darken the hair, add shine and bring out natural highlights...Some add sage to help cover gray..It is said you can use any kind of tea that contains caffeine..Here is a link to show you how to pick the right tea for your hair color

Take a large jar or cup with water and pour it into a pot and boil the water..Add at least 2-4 bags of large black tea bags (more if your tea bags are small) ...Turn off the fire and let it brew in the boiling water for a couple of hours or overnight..

More benefits of caffeine....