Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hair Journey: Keizz

Have you always been natural? This question is really tricky. I'm natural in the sense that I have never had a relaxer and such done to my hair, but I started to wonder if I was really "natural" after I watched this YouTube video by I believe the channel is rhythm hair where he was saying there are naturals out there, relaxed, and then the group of people who has never had a relaxer but aren't necessarily "natural”. I believe I fall in that group because I am unrelaxed but I really do not know what my "natural" hair really look like because I am "heat trained". confusing I know lol

How many years have you been natural? 19

Why did you decide to go natural? It was just put upon me I suppose. When I was younger I would always ask my mom if I could get a relaxer just because I thought it was what you were suppose to do. but I was always told I didn’t need one by her and my hairstylist

When and how did you transition into natural hair? I don't think this question really apply to me in the sense that I have never transitioned or anything. but I guess what can be connected with this was around the end of 2009 when I began to attempt natural hairstyles like twist outs and such so I guess 2009

What is your regimen? My regimen is really simple. I wash and condition with cowboy magic poo and con once every 2 weeks. I do a deep condition with skala avocado treatment mask, let my hair air dry till its like 90% dry, go in and blow dry it (using heat protectant), then press, flat iron, and wrap my hair up. My regimen is the same when I am in a weave install just I’m only dc my leave out. I also moisturize my scalp with euphoria and bliss' bliss du jour or regular bliss oil at least twice a week

What products are currently your staples? My ultimate staple is the skala treatment mask. I swear that stuff leaves my hair so soft! another staple is my bliss du jour oil, it is helping my hair get thicker and also aiding in growth

What advice can you give to those think of going natural? DO IT! Lol I can't really give advice. I believe everything is a process and everyone is different. All I can say is don't get discourage if your twist out don't come out like your favorite naturalista or if your not seeing length like you want to. Its all a process a slooow one lol

What's the best thing about being natural compared to being relaxed? I don't think there's really nothing better

Would you ever consider going back to relaxers? can't relate lol

If you had 1 product to recommend, what would it be? bliss du jour

What's one trick you found that works with your hair? Leaving it alone through weaves!

In what ways (if any) has going natural affected you? I don't think it has affected me in any way. It just have taught me patience if anything

What mistakes have you made with your hair that you’ve learned from?
not keeping it properly moisturized

What’s the best/most effective thing you do for your hair? Wrapping it up every night. Yeah I know you want to go to sleep next to Beyoncé (speaking to my bf through this lol) but in order for me to wake up looking good I have to go to sleep looking like bertha sue

How did you figure out proper protein/moisture balance? I still have not lol

What is your nightly routine? nightly routine: my handy paddle brush, head scarf, and one duck clip all in one big circular motion

Just For Fun!
Do random people attempt to lay hands in your mane? Yessss especially when I come out an install. apparently everyone assume I am bald when I'm not rocking my real hair

How can we find you on the web? Google me baybeyyy lol. //bhm search : keizz2hair //instagram: keizz2the_jeep //facebook:

What is your hair pet peeve? lawd I have a list but my main one is people touching my hair without asking

What is the hair product, tool, or accessory that you absolutely can not live with out?
My paddle brush!

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