Monday, April 18, 2011

The Bad and The Good: Ciara

Ciara has to be one of my favorite artist out. Not only do we share the same passion which is dancing, but we also share the same birthday. I got the privilege of meeting her last year at my job. We rode the elevator to the lobby and that's when I took the time to tell her how much I liked her as an artist, enjoyed the new album (at the time) and told her that we shared the same birthday ( She was soooo nice and I must say GORGEOUS in person. After the conversation, I realized that I left my blackberry upstairs so I went back upstairs to get it. A few minutes later, her manager was at the front desk asking for me. The manager then told me how much me talking to Ciara and expressing my love for her new album and her as an artist meant to her, Ciara and her team (that was in the elevator with her). What made my day was that she said that I put her in such a good mood and that she's talking about me in the car! :-o

Any who...onto Ciara's Hair Journey.....

When an artist is first launched he/she inherits a not soo good glam squad. Once an artist becomes big and sells a lot of records then the glam squad gets updated....let's take a look at Ciara circa Goodies to Ciara now....The Bad and The Good: Ciara Edition