Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bohyme Brazilian Wave Revisited!

Hey Ladies,
Last week i installed my last weave for 2010. I went back to my trusty Bobraz...i bought a new pack (12inches, #2) and added it to my old stash (14inches, 1B). Below you will find pics of my hair after i installed it the night before.

I double strand twist my hair in the middle to mimic the texture of the hair. As far as making the curls pop on the actual bohyme....i washed and conditioned the hair after installing it, applied Cantu leave in, and then double strand twist the hair and put tiny rollers on the hair. I then sat under the dryer until the hair was about 80% dry (i only let it dry about 80% because i was running late for my dinner with friends). The hair gets very big!

If you have any more questions about this install...email me!

xoxo Trendsetta