Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hair Advice: Help...My Hair Won't Grow??? What am I Doing Wrong?

Have you ever wondered why your hair will not grow? It might be that you have bad hair habits that is preventing it from growing long and healthy. Here are some tips you can follow so that you can be on the road to healthy long hair in 2010!

Brushing your hair harshly
Brushing your hair too hard when detangling your mane can rip and tear your hair. Try using a silicone-based detangler on wet hair, and instead of using a fine-tooth comb, use a brush with a cushioned ball tip. Make sure you hold the hair very gentle and start at the ends and work your way up. My fellow members swear by Denman Brushes. They rave that this brush is great to use to blow dry and detangle their hair. The Denman Classic Styling Brush D3 is currently on sale right now for $8.99.

Not Trimming your hair
I know, i women hate to cut their hair...especially when you've been trying to grow it for years and it's now starting to touch your back! Well ladies, in order for your hair to grow long AND HEALTHY, you MUST TRIM! You have to trim your hair every eight week or when you see a need to, if not your hair will start to split. The split will continue up to the strands and start to break off. If you don't have the time and money to see a stylist to get a decent trim, a good product to try is Aphogee Gloss Therapy Hair Polish until you're able to see a stylist who can nip those split ends in the butt.

Tight Ponytails...A NO NO!!!!
We all love the look of a slick and neat ponytail, but did you know that you are breaking your hair as your pulling and tugging it into that clip? Pulling the hair tightly back puts stress on a delicate area and can cause thinness to your hairline (which is not cute). If your using a rubber band to keep your hair in place you are cutting your hair. If you are suffering from hair lost around the edges, trying mixing peppermint oil with your castor oil and apply it ever night to the balding edges. As you apply, massage the oils into the scalp. When putting your hair into a ponytail, try to use a gentle, cloth-covered elastic band instead to secure your style. My favorite brand to use is Goody.

Putting your curling or flat iron on a high setting
The hotter the iron, the better the style? I don't think so. Your hair will curl just as good when your setting is on low....actually I find that the style looks better when curled on a lower setting. If your hair sizzles when you put the iron on it, you are frying aka breaking your hair. Try using a piece of white tissue paper to do a heat-test. If the paper makes a sizzling sound, turn the setting down. Also note, curling the same section of hair over and over again can also cause damage to your hair. If you want curls, try buying a hot curler set instead of a curling iron. It is much safer on your hair and you can even apply your makeup while the hot roller are setting your hair! I use Conair Instant Heat Multi-Sized Hot Rollers with Heated Clips.

For those ladies who are already suffering from heat damage, you can try L’Oréal’s Everstrong product line to help repair your hair back to health. This new EverStrong Sulfate-Free line contains L’Oréal’s patented Bio-Ceramide complex, which strengthens hair after just one wash. A product I recently purchased that I fell in love with is the EverStrong Overnight Repair Treatment. The leave-in formula that penetrates the hair fiber while you sleep to improve strength after just one use and absorbs quickly without leaving residue on your pillow.