Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Oooh she got some good hair!

Many of you have seen pictures of Beyonce, Mary J. Blige and/or Tyra Banks and have said...."Wow she has some good hair?" Dont be fooled gurl...the newest craze in celebrity weaves are lace front wigs.

This technique was first used for individuals who lost their hair due to an illness. Because the results looked so fabulous and real many celebs wanted this easy, fast, and real technique done.

The process is very painless, keeps your hair healthy if maintained and will last up to months. A very thin French Lace or Welded Mono Lace is placed on the front of the unit from temple to temple and back about 2"-3" or so. The lace is invisible to the eye and hair appears to be growing from the scalp, even with up close scrutiny. The back of the wig is made the same way as before, with tape tab perimeter. The lace front is attached with a special lace tape or SoftLoc adhesive that is applied to the skin in lace area only.Then the wig lays down on top of adhesive, no tape is required in front. This lace front is designed to be replaceable because it is very fragile. You must treat it very gently!
Here is a couple of sites that sell lace front wigs: