Monday, December 10, 2007


Hello My Hair Divas!
Have you ever walked down the street, passed a girl with a jacked up weave and thought "Boo that aight foolin nobody"? Have you seen girls on the bus with their tracks showing and wanted to cover it? If you wished your homegurl Kiki could hook that chick's hair up and YOU would pay for it...then i need you to help me out with an addition to my blog.
I am currently scouting for Hair-Parazzi's. All you will need is a digital or cell phone camera and a working email address. If you spot a chick with a busted weave, tracks showing, wrong texture extensions, braids that have been in too long that the natural hair is turning into lint, no hair but she still wanted to put that mess in a ponytail, 4 hairstyles in one (bob weave, fingerwave, ponytail, twist, cornrows, and some glitter!)...etc. then email your photo's.
I will post your pictures on my blog (don't worry cousin Na Na no one will know it's you..I'm hiding the faces). Below the picture i will help the individual posted by giving them and my devoted reader some hair tips so that that ish will not happen again! :-)
Email you pictures (as an attachment) to!