Sunday, January 1, 2012

Let's go BSL/MBL!!!

Are we ready to start our 2012 goals??? My goal is to hit BSL or MBL this year. I'm determined to do it. I had a huge setback last year when I colored hair and have been trimming away the damaged ends since.

This year I plan to:
1) Continue to relax twice a year. My first relaxer for the year will be March 24th

2) Stick to what helped my hair at the beginning of my journey: Amla Oil. This will be my pre-poo staple as well as rosemary oil.

3) Low manipulation

4) No huge trims!!! Every time I trim I'm pushed back to APL :-( Dusting only!!!

5) Continue to use my Nioxin vitamins daily. My hair has gotten so much thicker since using it.

What's your hair goal? What length are you trying to have by the end of the year.

Here's some pics. The first was taken in October when I had another trim done to get rid of the damaged hair from my setback. The second picture was taken yesterday when I took my 3/4 wig off to color the hair and to moisturize my scalp and hair.