Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm a WINNER!!!!!

Hey Guys,

Last week I entered the "Self Install Contest" on Here's the details....

The purpose of the challenge was to encourage ladies to D.I.Y- of course there's nothing wrong with having your hair professionally done. But for those that doubted their skills I think this is a fun way to make the effort.

The contest began in late June and closed July 7th. Ladies was to post either a video or step by step photos of their install process. There should be NO help during the entire process. We were required to braid our own bases! And it was important to document EVERY step of the install.

There were 3 anonymous judges throughout the contest.

Judges were looking for:
1) Flattest install
2) Best step by step detail
3) Finished product

Now on to the prizes: Two winners were going to be chosen.

First prize: 4oz of 14" and 4oz o 16" "Virgin" Mongolian Kinky Curly Vendor: Rex. 

Along with this prize will be a one time free install courtesy of the one and only HairGirl203.

Second prize: Will be hair goodies such as shampoo, conditioner, needle, thread, net, Olive Oil Edge Control, a tail comb, a travel sized shampoo and conditioner and a cosmetics bag. This will be accompanied with a Remington Pearl Clipless wand.

Ladies, i'm now the owner of that lovelyMangolian hair you saw up top!!!! 
Big shout out to Soft Spoken for creating this contest. Guys, check her site out! It's too cute!!!!