Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bobbi Boss Ocean Wave 1 Month Review

Tomorrow will make it officially one month since installing this weave. I usually can’t keep a weave in for more than one month because I just get bored with it and want to do something different with my hair. But I’m in love with this weave!!!! I’m definitely going to keep it in until August. I wanted to keep it in until mid-August but I’m afraid that my hair will matte underneath. I checked my leave out in the back last Saturday when I lightly washed my hair and judging from the new growth I saw, my hair is growing a little more than my regular avg per month and I’m super syked!!!!!

I was going to do a review about this hair on YouTube but there’s hundreds, so I’ll just do my review on here instead.
  • This hair is super soft and durable.
  • I don’t have many problems with tangles and even if it does tangle, my tangle teezer and wide tooth comb helps detangle with ease.
  • The hair holds a curl really well without product which is a bonus to me. Having too much product in a weave or hair in general equals frequent shampooing.
  • I love the way the hair returns back to its original curl pattern when wet or after washing.
  • This hair is low maintenance. I can twist it in 2 two strand twists and shake it out in the morning, and have a cute 2 min hairstyle when I’m in a rush to work.
  • I don’t have to put heat in it at all to achieve the curls I’ve done. I either pin curl the hair, twist it in two buns, put flexi rods in or two strand twist the hair.
  • Two packs are enough to achieve a good amount of thickness if you’re putting in a full install.
  • Even though I sealed the wefts, the hair still sheds….not bad, but sheds.
  • I wish I would have gotten a longer length but this hair is really expensive.
I haven’t put up a lot of YouTube videos showing how I style this hair because I’m still practicing with the curl pattern. I’m still trying to achieve the look in the YouTube video I posted by niceroundbrown. 

I love how big and sexy and fluffy her curls are. There’s another YouTube (beautybyjj) that had great curls in her hair that I’m trying to achieve. I’ll post her video below. 

This morning I will do another “Get Ready with Me” video. I’m going to experiment with the curling iron this time to see how that would look.

My overall review on this hair is 4.5 stars out of 5. This hair is the (LOL). I think what I will do is take the weave out in the first week of August, give myself a two week break, and then install this hair in again…but this time I will buy 1 pack of 18 inches to make it a little longer. I plan on keeping my next install in until the end of September and then relax my hair the second week in October. That would mean that I stretched my relaxer for 6 months again. I really like this pattern of me relaxing twice a year.

Hope you guys have a great Sunday and a safe July 4th!