Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

Lately I've noticed a lot of shedding and tangling (at the ends of my hair while dry) and I'm almost fed up with it. I've tried everything from deep conditioners to protein treatments. I even did a strand test to see if my hair was shedding (possibly breaking) from protein or moisture overload...but passed the test. My hair was actually healthy!

Strand Test - Tug Test
The tug test measures the elasticity of your hair. Healthy hair is slightly stretchy, while unhealthy hair is brittle and breaks when put under even minor stress. To perform a tug test, dampen a section of your hair. Grip two to three strands between your thumb and forefinger and gently pull on the ends. If it stretches by about one-third of its original length and bounces back when you let go, it's healthy. However, if your hair breaks off, it has suffered some damage to the cortex and is not structurally sound.
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Then i expressed my concerns to one of my good friends and she told me "The reason could be that your hair sheds in the winter...while others shed in the summer". At that point...the light bulb came on in my head. She was right! Then my sister said that when her hair was long her ends tangled just like mine. She suggested that i keep my ends moisturized and put it in a protective style.

I'm still not sure what i want to do. I kind of want to weave it up till April (using my trusty Bohyme) or buy a lacefront. Both are great protective styles. With a weave...i don't have to worry about the manipulation but with the lacefront i can keep my hair braided weekly...but also keep a close monitor on my shedding (if that makes sense). Both ideas/styles are low maintenance and heat free.

Bohyme Idea
Lacefront I'm DYING to get (Ciara's Hair)
You ladies will see next week on what I decided to do... :-)