Monday, July 12, 2010

Question from a reader: "OKAY...SO HELP"

Q: Hi Trendsetta, I took out my braids last night after I steamed and DCd my hair only for ½ hr. And of course there was a CLUMP of dead/shed/broken hair. I am also starting to think that my hair is just shedding too much and it could be the Mega Tek tek and Ovation Cell Therapy. I mean I couldn’t really blame it that much b/c I’ve always had a shedding problem or always noticed a huge clump whenever taking out braids that were in for a long time. Plus I stopped taking my biotin and I was off my regi a couple of wks so maybe that added to it. But I am also thinking that the lace still has been pulling on my front and sides because it has shed and broken off a lot!! I am soooooo upset and so scared to get my hair pressed because I feel its going to look too thin, especially the front, and will be broken on the sides even more and I've been trying to grow them back in for like 3 yrs now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m praying it’s not as bad as it seems but I highly doubt that. I can see what I see…

So now I’m considering doing like you and coming off the Ovation Cell Therapy and Mega Tek Tek even though I just restocked and just using the sulfur faithfully each day…and also not wearing the lace for at least a month to see if there is a difference. But I am so not enthused to be wearing no natural styles! Especially when its time for me to dress up and go out.

How long have you been protective styling now? Do you see a major difference – more particularly to your front & sides??? How do you still co-wash and do all those applications now that your hair is not braided?? And my hair is not permed so that would mean I have to deal with my natural hair will be soooo much work especially with my regi. HELP!

A: First I’m sorry to hear about your setback. My hair has stopped shedding when I stopped using my Mega Tek Tek….I’m faithfully using my Boundless Tresses and it seems to be doing some good to my hair. I’ve been protective styling ever since I started my healthy hair journey….my protective styles were and is weaves, half wigs, wigs, cornrows and buns. My sides grew a lot when I used Mega Tek Tek, peppermint oil and castor oil (only on the bald spots). On a daily basis I moisturize and seal and then I part my hair in sections….oil it and then massage it in for 2 mins (sometimes I oil it every other day). I will either wrap or bun my hair at nights and tie it down with a silk scarf. This method does not weigh my hair down at all. The GNC Ultra Nourish-Hair vitamins have helped a lot with my growth. Can you bun for a month? I believe bunning will allow your hair to take a break from all the stress your lacefront gave to your edges. If your hair isn't long enough, try adding some fake hair to it.

Hope this helps!