Monday, August 22, 2011

Check out my sister's Hair Journey

Last year my older sister was forced to BC after a install take down gone wrong.Here's her story...

"So I took out a nice weave that I had in for 2 months. Everything was fine after taking out the braids. My hair was still moisturized and crimped. It was pretty. I applied some mega-tek/ oil mixtures and massaged my scalp, not touching my ends. After about 30 minutes, I took a shower, washed and conditioned my hair. Not once did I comb it out with the fear that too much hair would come out. Everything seemed perfectly fine in the shower. It was soft and manageable. I got out and air dried and after 20 minutes or so, i started to comb out my hair but noticed that my hair matted into two huge dreds!! I went back in the water, applied half a bottle of vo5 conditioner and some amla oil and the matt would NOT come out. There was absolutely no hope. I felt like the more i rubbed the hair to get them untangled, the more damage i was doing to each strand. So...I did the unthinkable! I chopped it all off (sniff sniff). I was not even prepared to go natural but hey, now i have the opportunity to try it out. After all, I was 3 months post.

I was very very sad about it and felt lost and empty without my hair. I LOVE long hair and on top of that, I dont think I have the face for short hair. So Im now on a natural hair journey. I will be rocking my new $200 lace front (Thank God I had the money!) along with some weaves until my hair is at a comfortable length to rock without a cover-up.

Here is a little hair history of mine. I started on a healthy hair journey December 2008 after learning about The dates of the pics below are as follows: December 15, 2008 (Dry hair), December 30, 2008 (Wet hair), February 1, 2009 (Dry hair), June 3, 2009 (Dry hair)and September 6, 2009 (Wet hair).

 Towards the end of the year, I started to notice that my hair was thinning in the middle. I am sure that it was due to heat damage and me not clipping my ends. My hair was the longest it has ever been and I didnt want to cut it. That was just foolish of me. The pic below was taken in October. You can really see the damage here.

In January 2009, I cut my hair. I needed it to look healthy again.

After the cut, I put my weave in. My sister (that's ME! lol) did a very good job, I must add.
Now back to the matted hair. This was taken on March 21, 2010, the day of the snip. Horrible!!

On March 28th I did a little more cutting to create a clean fro.
Now my journey begins! My 2010 goal is to gain at least 5 inches, which should bring me to shoulder length. In the meantime, I am rocking a very natural-looking lacefront.
Here are some length pics that were taken about two months ago:"


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