Monday, May 5, 2014

3 Month Healthy Hair Challenge plus Potential Contest

Hey Guys!

Long time no speak (shame on me!). I'm blogging because I need your help.

I noticed that a lot of the relaxed youtubers and bloggers are transitioning to natural. Even though I feel like I'm going to be the last man standing...I like the advantage this gives me because I can still be that blogger/vlogger my followers (friends) can turn to for hair advice while being relaxed/texlaxed.

I want to do more YouTube videos on my real hair versus hair reviews.

I saw that SisterwithRealHair on Youtube is doing a length check contest and I LOVE that idea!!! I think I want to do something like that to encourage my subscribers to growth healthy long hair along with me.

I'm going to be honest with you guys...I've thought about going natural myself or even just big chopping and starting my journey all over because i can't deal with the rebellion my hair is going through right now!

If I do a contest, what should the prize be? Should there be a prize? I think if there is a prize it could go to the person who posts their updates consistently.

I’m personally doing a healthy hair challenge that will go till July 5th (wedding anniversary).

1.      Deep Condition Weekly
2.      Apply my Castor Oil, MN and Grapeseed oil mix to my scalp every other day
3.      Inversion every month
4.      Try Greenhouse effect method Mon, Wed and Fri
5.      Keep my hair braided for 3-4 weeks straight

What are your thoughts?