Monday, January 30, 2012

Bringing Life to a Dead Weave!

As you guys read a couple of weeks back, i was unhappy with my hair that i purchased from Hair by Belle Bre. After reviewing the hair on my site and YouTube channel, i decided to make a post about the hair on After making the thread, the members began to give me suggestions on how i can make the hair better. One suggestion was trying a bleach bath. She sent me a link to a video on how to perform a bleach bath on the hair:

After trying what was demonstrated in the above video, i let the hair hair dry overnight. This weekend i thought i'd test the hair out to see if the bleach bath made my hair better......AND IT DID!!!!!

I'm in love with this hair all over again! The only sucky part about the bleach bath is that it took the red ombre i had at the ends (my ends are a caramel color now). I'm rocking it pin straight today and there are absolutely NO TANGLES!!!! This hair looks so natural on me. When i get home i will take pictures and post them below. For now....enjoy the YouTube video.