Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Let me start from the beginning. As I was leaving work I noticed 3 black Escalades sitting outside my job (I work at a radio station). When you see a black Escalade that means a celebrity is upstairs. As I was walking to the train station I decided to call up the receptionist and ask who is upstairs. I was told that it was the Braxton sisters! I immediately turned back around and went back upstairs for a photo opp. When I got upstairs the girls were recording so I "patiently" waiting till it was done. A few minutes later Tamar came out and went into the production studio, then Trina...I smiled at Trina (my FAVORITE Braxton sister....well her and of course Toni lol) who in turned walked up to me to give me a hug.

I whispered in her ear that she was my favorite Braxton sister and her response was........"OMG I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!"

I was so shocked and nervous at the same time. I told her that I did it myself and that it was a 3/4 wig. I then asked for a picture and she said sure and grabbed Towanda and Tracy and we all took the pic above. After taking the picture Trina asks "now you said that was a 3/4 wig?" and then asked if I had a business card!!!!!

Well my dumb a** didn't but I told her the name of my site (womp womp). Guys you don't understand how upset I was that I didn't re-up on my business cards. :-(

I did tweet her though...hopefully she sees the tweet I sent with the photo and my web address in the message. :-/

Business card or not. Her compliment made my freaking week!!!!! Aaahhhh! Lol.