Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Healthy Hair Journey: Ally

1.      When did you start your journey? April 2007

2.      What made you start a healthy hair journey? Although I was happy with my neck length hair (back then I thought it was long lol) I had a lot of breakage mostly due to heat damage. The breakage was so bad that there would be lots of short broken hairs all over my shoulders. I knew healthy, long relaxed hair was possible because a classmate of mine had it, so she basically inspired me to take better care of my hair. I also want to prove that type 4a/b hair can grow to long lengths.

3.      Have you ever been natural? Yes during early childhood

4.      How many years have you been relaxed? 13 years

5.      What is the longest your hair has been before you started your hair journey? Shoulder length

6.      What challenges did you face? In the beginning of my hair journey my mom complained about how I was washing my hair too much and wasting water, my time and money. This didn't discourage me though. My main challenge was staying consistent with my regimen, and patient with detangling my hair.

7.      Did you ever experience a setback? Nothing major. *knocks on wood*

8.      What was the WORST mistake you’ve made along the way? Becoming a product junkie (PJ). I'm still struggling to finish up impulse buys from my PJ days smh.

9.      What is your current regimen? I moisturize and/or oil my hair daily. As needed (usually weekly), I prepoo then shampoo. I deep condition OR do a protein treatment with every shampoo. I co-wash often during the week. I baggy on non-wash nights and stretch my relaxers 10-12 weeks. I also protective style often (my regimen changes slightly based on life. For example I tend to co-wash less during a hectic winter semester at school).

10.  What products are currently your staples? I have so many so I limited it to 5 (no particular order): CHI Silk Infusion, Aphogee 2 Minute Reconstructor, Queen Helene Cholesterol, ORS Edge Control, Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

11.  What is your nightly routine? (Nightly maintenance depends on hairstyle):
Flat ironed straight: apply serum, wrap, scarf overnight.
Curls: no product. Do pin curls and wear scarf overnight.
Air dried style (braidout, twistout, bantu knots etc): Moisturize and seal, re-braid, and scarf overnight.

12.  What is your ultimate goal length? Waist length!!

13.  What are some tips/products to maintaining healthy relaxed hair?
- Stretch relaxer touch ups at least 8 weeks.
- Read up on the benefits of adding oil into your relaxer, and the mid-relaxer protein step. I swear by these.
- Whatever your regimen, stay consistent and patient.

14.  How did you figure out proper protein/moisture balance? I learned how to perform the stretch test. But as a rule of thumb, if my hair feels like straw it needs moisture. If it feels mushy and limp it needs protein.

15.  What's your favorite protective style method? Why? Half-wigs because they're low maintenance, cheap and they don't interfere with my regimen.

For Fun:
1.      Have you ever got weave checked? Yes, so many times. Sometimes I was actually wearing a half-wig, and other times my real hair.

2.      What is your hair pet peeve? My growth rate -- I'm pretty sure it's below average. It's hard to watch others start their journeys after me with shorter hair, and reach longer lengths before me. But then I remind myself that everyone's hair is different and I should appreciate any and all of my own progress.

3.      What is the hair product, tool, or accessory that you absolutely can not live with out? Can't live without a satin scarf...I wear one to airdry, protect hair while sleeping, etc.

4.      How can we find you on the web?
FOTKI - (must be logged in)