Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Making Another 3/4 Wig This WEEK!

I'm in love with the 3/4 wig I made a couple of weeks ago. I love the fact that it's a simple fix to a nice weave....all I have to do is plop it on and sew it on the braids I created as my base. Since i've been missing my Bobbi Boss hair, I decided that i'm going to take the hair from my last install and make it into a 3/4 wig!!!!!

Ok i'm excited because this idea just came into my head ( Friday i'm going to stop by the beauty supply store and buy one 18 inch pack of Bobbi Boss' Ocean Wave Hair. The reason why I'm buying the 18 inch is because I felt like the install I had was too short. I want this wig to be long, full and lucisous. I can't wait to create it! I won't be doing a YouTube video for this wig but I will definitely take pictures to share with you guys.