Saturday, April 2, 2011

She said: "Well you like have to cut your hair to collarbone length"..I said: "HELL NO!"

This is how one conversation went yesterday....
Let me start with the beginning. Everyone on my job knows me as the hair guru. They even know my lifelong dream to be a hair model! One co-worker (male btw) told me that the Matrix Salon down the block has a few signs up advertising "Relaxed Hair Model Needed" and told me to check it out. I forgot the first time he told me so the next day he came over to my desk and i told him that i completely forgot. He got so mad and wrote "GO TO MATRIX!" on a post it and stuck it on my computer screen.

The next day during lunch i walked into the salon and ask about the sign. She first asked me how long my hair was and i held my head high as i boasted "between my armpit and bra strap" She then went to explain that Mizani is looking for hair models to test their new relaxer system and that my hair needs to be CBL. She said my hair is too long and that "i will have to cut it..." before she could proceed to finish her sentence i yelled with the ill attitude "HELL NO! DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TOOK MY HAIR TO GET TO THIS LENGTH" then in my head i said "did this b***h just ask a BLACK woman to cut her hair? b***h must be out her damn mind!"

She could sense the Brooklyn Black Girl tude come out and said "well if you’re planning on cutting your hair for the summer time stop by"

She's so lucky i didn't have my hair out that day cuz i would have gave her the mean flip as i walked out the salon.

Would any of you ladies cut your hair for your dream job? Am i bugging for refusing to cut my hair? I mean i want to be a hair model one day (when i say hair model i mean i want to be that girl on the relaxer box, color box, hair commercials or print ads)