Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Words of Advice

Hey guys,

I've had a lot of people hitting me up about starting their own healthy hair journey after viewing my blog. I would like to pass on some words of advice.

If your adamant about growth healthy long hair you must:

1. Be patient - it took me a good 3 or 4 months to see results when I began my journey

2. Be determined - don't start the journey if your going to quit 2 months into it. Just like with a goal of loosing weight or running a have to train yourself to stick to a regimen in order to see results.

3. Be consistent - if a person wanted to loose 10 lbs in 1 month and exercises once every 2 weeks, they won't see results. But if that same person has a plan and sticks to it for that month they WILL see results. Consistency is key!

4. Don't Compare Your Journey - I always looked at the progress of others on Long Hair Care Forum. I would see girls go from SL to APL in 6 months and it took me 20 months. Comparing yourself with others will only discourage you.

5. Have Fun. Live and Learn - if you experience a setback don't give up! WILL grow back. Luckily we live in a world where we can hide our mistakes such as a bad color, relaxer or cut. Buy a wig, apply a lacefront or install a weave....but don't neglect your hair underneath.

This is a journey...we WILL experience ups and downs, growth spurts and setbacks...but remember once your reach that'll be proud and can prove to the world that....BLACK HAIR CAN GROW!

X0X0 Trendsetta!

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